yamna. still crying over mark and lexie


really? this fandom i swear to god. 

Who’s Paul? 🚶

It’s the epitome of a fulfilled life.

  1. what she says: i dont need feminism because im not oppressed
  2. what she means: im probably a white middle class hetero woman who has internalized misogyny and i refuse to take off my privilege helmet long enough to consider women of other backgrounds

I ship DE as well, but telling someone you hope they die because they hate Damon is disgusting. You make this fandom look trashy. I can't even feel comfortable shipping this couple because it means I have something in common with gross, soulless people like you.

if you cant feel comfortable shipping a couple because of me then you clearly shouldnt even be a fan in the first place bye hon


Okay so I am pretty fucking pissed right now. I was sleeping up until about ten minutes ago when I was woken up by Damon stans spamming the Anti Damon twitter. Y’know usually I couldn’t give a flying fuck, but considering I have a job interview early in the morning I told them to shut the fuck up….


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Antidamon week




Seen a lot of these type of posts so I thought I’d do my own.

Antidamon Week (2nd June - 6th June)

Day 1: Most irritating aspect of Damon’s personality? E.g his selfishness or vengeful side.

Day 2: Favourite on show criticism of…

Oh please. As if you’re not gonna have an ‘Anti Stefan’ week after this. Be serious

Nope, that won’t be happening. Because unlike you cunts we’re not insecure in our ship or the characters we choose to love. Let’s be real, the only reason why you spend so much time spewing the most cringeworthy hate is because no one cares about Stefan or Stelena. It’s more embarrassing the fact that you choose to take so much time to study the depth of this shitty ass show that peaked seasons ago. Please take a seat in your booster chair kiddo!